Wigs and hairpieces in a professional, caring salon

Only you will know it isn't your own hair

Hair loss is a problem affecting millions of women and men around the world for a variety of reasons - chemotherapy, alopecia, depression, menopause, pattern baldness, diabetes and thyroid imbalance to name a few.

Some people are comfortable with hats, turbans and scarves while others are comfortable in a wig or hairpiece. There are many great options either way.

A wig can make all the difference in helping you to look good and feel better about experiencing hair loss. Today’s wigs are comfortable, lightweight and easy to care for. You can choose a colour and style that matches your natural hair or take the opportunity to experiment with other colours and styles.

At Innovative Hair & Body we can help you feel comfortable and look natural with the look you choose. Whatever your age, degree of hair loss or face shape, we will be able to help determine the best look for you.

Your hair will look completely natural in colour, texture and style.


Your wig purchase includes

  • consultation
  • shaping
  • cutting
  • maintenance advise and instruction
  • aftersales advice and care

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Private appointments available on request